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1.12 Marking Up Small Print
You want to offset a legal disclaimer and copyright statement as small print.
Contain the small print content with the small element:
<p><small>The owner of this blog is not responsible for mind blowage. Please
consume at your own risk.</small></p>
<p><small>Copyright &copy; 2011 Awesomest Blog. All rights reserved.</small></p>
HTML5 redefined the previously presentational small as semantically appropriate for
content typically considered “small print,” such as legalese, disclaimers, terms, condi-
tions, and copyrights. And though small is supposed to indicate semantics only, brows-
ers do display this content a bit smaller by default (see Figure 1-5 ).
Figure 1-5. The first sentence does not contain the <small> element, while the second does; note the
slightly smaller font size in part of the second sentence
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The W3C Working Draft discussion of text-level semantics in HTML5 includes the
small element at
ment .
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