HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
HTML5 Reset
A basic set of HTML and CSS files to code a project with HTML5 for various
browsers including older versions of Internet Explorer.
HTML5 Rocks
HTML5 Rocks is a playground of HTML5 examples and tutorials produced by
HTML: The Markup Language Reference
This is the W3's home of the HTML5 specification.
The act of detecting which browser a site visitor is using is '90s thinking. In this
new millennium, web builders check to see if the feature is present in the browser
instead. A JavaScript library allows for checking the availability of HTML5 features
like GeoLocation, WebSockets and even CSS3 properties.
When Can I Use
When you need to know if a browser supports a feature of HTML5 or not, When
Can I Use is one of the easier, if not easiest, references to check.
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