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Figure 9-16. Animating a red circle in the canvas
Depending on the setup of your animation frame, you may need to employ various
methods to get the most efficient drawing (and erasing) of your shapes and/or images.
We'll now cover several different approaches to drawing and erasing to accomplish
animations with the canvas element.
If you have a transparent background and one shape (like a circle) bouncing around in
your canvas , as in the example code above, you don't need to erase the whole canvas
element before drawing the next frame; you only need to erase the small portion of the
element that has something drawn in it (i.e., the circle).
That is, all you need to do is erase the part of the canvas element that you drew onto
in the previous frame. Especially for larger dimensions, this technique can enhance
performance significantly.
To erase only part of the canvas element, use the canvas API command clearRect(...) :
function draw_circle(x, y) {
mycontext.fillStyle = "#f00";
mycontext.arc(x, y, 10, 0, Math.PI * 2, true);
function erase_circle(x, y) {
mycontext. clearRect (x-10, y-10, 20, 20);
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