HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Add the search role to a site's search form:
<form role="search" >
The contentinfo role identifies information about the page content, such as copyright
and privacy terms. Use this role only once per document or web application. If your
footer contains only this type of information, associate the role with the footer element:
<footer role="contentinfo" >
<p>Copyright 2011</p>
If you have a “fat footer” with lots of other content or links, enclose the contentinfo
material in a container element (like a div or a p ) and assign the contentinfo role to the
<p role="contentInfo" >Copyright 2011</p>
Figure 7-2. A demonstration of how ARIA roles are used in an HTML5 document
Roles for web apps
Some ARIA landmark roles, such as application and main , are unique and do not map
directly to specific HTML5 elements.
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