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Be advised that the longdesc attribute (see
-html40/struct/objects.html#adef-longdesc-IMG ) will likely be cut from
HTML5. In its place, either link to a page with a longer text alternative
or provide that content adjacent to the image, as described earlier in this
Using figcaption
In HTML5, an image may be enclosed in a figure element and the figcaption element
may either provide the entire text alternative or supplement the text alternative provi-
ded in the image's alt attribute.
In practice, the alt attribute has and will continue to provide a more
generic method for providing information about an image until such
time that the figcaption element is well supported in browsers and
assistive technologies.
As mentioned previously, some assistive technologies completely ignore images with
an empty alt attribute. To make an image discoverable, omit the alt attribute if you
do not plan to include a value for it:
<img src="ceremony_photo.jpg">
Opening ceremony for the new library building at the state university.
See Also
“HTML5: Techniques for providing useful text alternatives” at
alt-techniques/ .
7.2 Identifying Abbreviations and Acronyms
You want to identify to users what an abbreviation or an acronym represents.
Include the full expansion of the abbreviation in the page content.
Usually, one encloses the abbreviation in parentheses after the full expansion. Include
this at least the first time that the abbreviation appears on the page:
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