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Figure 6-1. Google Rich Snippets Testing Tool results
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For additional data types that are recognized by search engines, along with sample code,
see . To learn more about microdata, see HTML5 Doctor's Microdata
article ( ) and Mark Pilgrim's chapter from “Dive Into
HTML5” (see ), which also details Google
Rich Snippets.
6.3 Adding Custom Data to Markup
You want to attach additional data to your content that is not displayed to the user.
Define your own data- attributes to name and store the information:
<h1>My Volkswagens</h1>
<li data-year="1996" data-color="white" data-engine="VR6" >Cabrio</li>
<li data-year="1993" data-color="purple" data-engine="VR6" >Corrado</li>
<li data-year="2008" data-color="red" data-engine="2.0T" >Eos</li>
<li data-year="2003" data-color="blue" data-engine="W8" >Passat</li>
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