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Use the itemscope and itemprop attributes, along with descriptive property names, to
label your content:
<p itemscope >
<span itemprop="inventor" >Tim Berners-Lee</span> created the
<span itemprop="invention" >World Wide Web</span>.
The itemscope attribute is used to identify the scope of the microdata item—an item
being a set of name/value pairs. The itemprop attribute values define the property names
and their associated values—in this case, the contents of the span tags. Thus, this
example yields the following name/value pairs:
• Inventor: Tim Berners-Lee
• Invention: World Wide Web
This is a very basic example. In the next recipe, we'll look at an example that implements
a standardized vocabulary.
See Also
The itemprop attribute in the HTML5 specification at
microdata.html#names:-the-itemprop-attribute .
6.2 Using Microdata and
You want to convey additional meaning about your content—for example, that the
content identifies a person—so that popular search engines can extrapolate this data.
In addition to using the itemscope and itemprop attributes, specify an itemtype and
apply the appropriate property names from the vocabulary:
<section itemscope itemtype="" >
<h1 itemprop="name">Tim Berners-Lee</h1>
<img itemprop="image"
<span itemprop="jobTitle">Director</span>,
<span itemprop="affiliation" itemscope
itemtype="" itemprop="name">World Wide
Web Consortium</span>
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