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Native Video
Emily Lewis
5.0 Introduction
HTML5's new embedded content elements offer designers and developers more
options for including media in our sites.
Similar in nature to audio , the video element shares many of the same attributes, has a
similar syntax, and can be styled and manipulated with CSS and JavaScript. And just
like audio , video has some implementation challenges.
5.1 Adding HTML5 Video
You want to play native video on your web page.
Use the video element with the addition of a src attribute that references the location
of your video file:
<video src="video.ogv" ></video>
To display default video player controls (see Figure 5-1 ), add the Boolean controls
<video src="video.ogv" controls ></video>
Native player controls look different in different browsers. Style your
own controls with JavaScript and CSS (see Recipe 5.6 ).
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