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The PerDayAuthorizer class is annotated with @AllowedPerDay . This completes the
@NameBinding we started when we implemented the @AllowedPerDay annotation interface.
The class is also annotated with @Priority . This annotation affects the ordering of filters as
they are applied to a JAX-RS method. We want this filter to run after any authentication
code, but before any application code, as we are figuring out whether or not a user is allowed
to invoke the request. If we did not annotate the OneTimePasswordAuthenticator and Per-
DayAuthorizer classes with the @Priority annotation, it is possible that the Per-
DayAuthorizer would be invoked before the OneTimePasswordAuthenticator filter. The
PerDayAuthorizer needs to know the authenticated user created in the OneTimePass-
wordAuthenticator filter; otherwise, it won't work.
ResourceInfo info ;
We inject a ResourceInfo instance into the filter instance using the @Context annotation.
We'll need this variable to know the current JAX-RS method that is being invoked.
public void
void filter ( ContainerRequestContext requestContext ) throws
throws IOException
SecurityContext sc = requestContext . getSecurityContext ();
iif ( sc == null
new ForbiddenException ();
Principal principal = sc . getUserPrincipal ();
iif ( principal == null
null ) throw
throw new
new ForbiddenException ();
String user = principal . getName ();
null ) throw
throw new
The filter() method first obtains the SecurityContext from the ContainerRequestCon-
text.getSecurityContext() method. If the context is null or the user principal is null, it
returns a 403, “Forbidden,” response to the client by throwing a ForbiddenException .
iif (! authorized ( user ))
throw new
new ForbiddenException ();
The username value is passed to the authorized() method to check the permission. If the
method returns false, a 401, “Forbidden,” response is sent back to the client via a Forbid-
denException .
protected static
static class
class UserMethodKey
String username ;
Method method ;
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