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// Update and send a bad etag with conditional PUT
cust . setCity ( "Bedford" );
response = customerTarget . request ()
. header ( "If-Match" , "JUNK" )
. put ( Entity . xml ( cust ));
Assert . assertEquals ( 412 , response . getStatus ());
response . close ();
Finally, the code does a conditional PUT with a bad ETag value sent with the If-Match
header. The client is expecting this operation to fail with a 412, “Precondition Failed,” re-
Build and Run the Example Program
Perform the following steps:
1. Open a command prompt or shell terminal and change to the ex11_1 directory of the
workbook example code.
2. Make sure your PATH is set up to include both the JDK and Maven, as described in
Chapter 17 .
3. Perform the build and run the example by typing maven install .
Another interesting thing you might want to try is to start up and leave the application run-
ning by using maven jetty:run . Open your browser to http://localhost:8080/customers/1 .
Continually refresh this URL. You will be able to see if your browser performs a conditional
GET request or not by viewing the <last-viewed> element of the returned XML. I found
that Firefox 3.5.2 does a conditional GET, while Safari 4.0.1 does not.
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