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Chapter 17. Workbook Introduction
Reading a book on a new technology gives you a nice foundation to build on, but you cannot
truly understand and appreciate a new technology until you see it in action. The following
workbook chapters were designed to be a companion to the main chapters of this topic. Their
goal is to provide step-by-step instructions for installing, configuring, and running various
JAX-RS examples found throughout this topic with the RESTEasy framework.
This chapter focuses on downloading and installing RESTEasy and the workbook examples.
Following this, each workbook chapter corresponds to a specific chapter in the topic. For ex-
ample, if you are reading Chapter 3 on writing your first JAX-RS service, use Chapter 18 of
the workbook to develop and run the examples shown in that chapter with RESTEasy.
This workbook is based on the production release of RESTEasy JAX-RS 3.0.5. I picked
RESTEasy as the JAX-RS framework for the workbook for no other reason than I am the
project lead for it and I know it backward and forward. That said, I took great care to ensure
that you can easily port the examples to other JAX-RS implementations.
Installing RESTEasy and the Examples
The workbook examples are embedded within the RESTEasy distribution so that as future
versions of RESTEasy are released, the workbook examples will be updated along with that
release. (I discovered that having a separate download for the workbook examples causes
various problems—users can get confused about which package to download, and the ex-
amples can get out of sync with specific software versions.)
You can download the distribution by following the download links at
resteasy .
Download the latest RESTEasy JAX-RS distribution (for example, resteasy- ). Figure 17-1 shows the directory structure of the distribution.
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