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2. What do you need to do to designate a page as available offline?
A. Specify in JavaScript as document.offLine=true.
B. Specify the manifest attribute on the form element.
C. Specify the manifest attribute on the HTML element.
D. Tell users to switch to offline mode using their browser. No code is required.
Which of the following aren't valid sections of the AppCache manifest?
Cache manifest
Session manifest
Network manifest
Fallback manifest
4. Which event is fired by the AppCache object when the cache download is complete?
A. oncached
B. onupdateready
C. ondownloading
D. onchecking
5. When using the Geolocation API, how do you configure the ability to use cached data?
A. Set the enableCache property to true on the PositionOptions object.
B. Set the maximumAge property to a non-zero value on the PositionOptions object.
C. Set the timeout property of the PositionOptions object.
D. Using the cache is always on to save bandwidth, so no configuration is required.
Objective 1.5: Establish the scope of objects and
A key component of any programming language is how it uses variables, and JavaScript is
no exception. To use variables effectively, you must understand their scope and lifetime.
Declaring variables and instantiating objects consumes resources. The primary system re-
source used for variables is memory. The more memory an application uses, the greater the
potential that usage of other resources will increase also—such as battery power to support
the additional memory use. When applications drain the battery, users are less likely to use
those applications.
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