HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
content source in the same named flow is called a region chain . You can have multiple sources
and multiple region chains. The name assigned to the flow-* properties are used to coordi-
nate which content source goes into which regions.
Since the regions feature is still experimental, the exam is not likely to cover this topic.
However, this is only at the time of writing and could change at any time. Be familiar and
keep checking on updates with respect to the readiness of this CSS construct in the real
Thought experiment
Combining layouts
In this thought experiment, apply what you've learned about this objective. You can
find an answer to this question in the “Answers” section at the end of this chapter.
Extend the current grid layout blog page so that the main content area uses a
column layout. Each layout is very powerful on its own to serve its specific purpose.
It is important though to know that you can create some very powerful layouts by
combining them where it makes sense.
Objective summary
Flexbox allows you to lay out elements in a flow-like fashion.
Multi-column layout allows you to separate content into a fixed number of columns,
like a newspaper layout.
The flow of text around elements like images can be controlled using wrap-flow
The grid layout provides the best way to separate the layout from the content by spec-
ifying explicitly in CSS where each element should be displayed within a predefined
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