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FIGURE 4-41 Using the multi-column layout technique to display text in an article format
Implementing a layout using position, loating, and
Using position and float to position elements was discussed in the Objective 4.3 section titled,
“Apply styles to establish and change an element's position.” In this section, you will examine
how these can be used in overall layout. Float is a mechanism by which the surrounding
content will flow smoothly around the element with its float. property specified to either
float: left or float: right . Left and right are the only two options available for the float. property.
Exclusions provide a way to overcome this limitation with float. . Exclusions are achieved by
specifying the CSS3 property wrap-flow .
At this time, the wrap-flow property is only implemented in Internet Explorer 10+. There-
fore, this element requires the -ms prefix be applied to it.
The wrap-flow property supports a variety of options. These options are outlined in
Table 4-9. You will use most of these options in the following examples.
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