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FIGURE 4-8 The results of specifying none for the hyphen attribute
In Figure 4-8, the browser is not hyphenating any of the text and is letting it overflow
beyond the boundaries of the container. To force hyphenation, specify auto for the value of
the hyphen attribute. The output of this change is shown in Figure 4-9.
FIGURE 4-9 The results of specifying auto for the hyphen attribute
When auto is specified, , the browser calculates where to hyphenate the words based on
its own rules so that the text does not go outside the bounds of the container. The manual
option behaves much the same way except that you can specify an external rule set to use
and also supply hints by using the ­ (soft hyphen) notation.
Applying styles for a text drop shadow
You'll find information about applying styles for a text drop shadow in the next section. Mi-
crosoft uses the phrase “text drop shadow” but you'll note that it has been shortened to “text
shadow” in this topic.
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