HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Use CSS3 in applications
The use of cascading style sheets (CSS) is not a new concept. However, the functional
capabilities of CSS3 have advanced tremendously. In this chapter, you review the capabilities
of CSS3 and how they can be leveraged into your HTML5 web applications to provide end
users with the desired experience.
You might see slightly different results in some of the code samples. Not all features work
in all browsers. Internet Explorer 11 and Chrome v35+ were used to validate the examples
throughout this chapter.
Objectives in this chapter:
Objective 4.1: Style HTML text properties
Objective 4.2: Style HTML box properties
Objective 4.3: Create a flexible content layout
Objective 4.4: Create an animated and adaptive UI
Objective 4.5: Find elements by using CSS selectors and jQuery
Objective 4.6: Structure a CSS file by using CSS selectors
Objective 4.1: Style HTML text properties
Tex t is the basis for all web applications. Some web applications have more text than others.
Ultimately, the viewer of the website will read the content of the website that is in text. CSS
provides many capabilities to customize the appearance of the text in order to provide
your own unique look and feel to your web application. Throughout this objective, you will
explore the various ways to style text.
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