HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
isNaN is a built-in function to determine whether a value isn't a number, whereas
isFinite validates whether the value is a finite number.
Code injection is a technique that attackers use to inject malicious code into your
iFrames and dynamic JavaScript are dangerous if not used properly in a webpage.
Objective review
Which of the following regular expression characters denote the end of the string?
Which of the following sandbox attributes allows the iFrame to load content from the
containing HTML document?
A. allow-script-execution
B. allow-same-origin
C. allow-forms
D. allow-top-navigation
E. allow-top-document
Which function should never be used to run JavaScript?
A. execute
B. JSDynamic
C. eval
D. evaluate
Objective 3.3: Consume data
This objective covers how to consume data in an HTML5 web application. The ability to
consume data from external sources is more popular than ever. Website mash-ups and social
integration are major catalysts for this.
This objective covers how to:
Consume JSON and XML data by using web services
Use the XMLHTTPRequest object
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