HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Objective review
Which input control is better suited for allowing users to make multiple selections?
A. radio button
B. textarea
C. checkbox
D. radio or checkbox
Which input control is designed to allow users to enter secure information in a way
that keeps others from seeing what's typed?
B. textarea
C. url
D. password
Which input control posts form data to a server?
A. button
B. Submit
C. Reset
D. radio
Which of the following declarations are valid ways to make a text control non-editable?
A. <input type=”text” edit=”false”/>
B. <input type=”text” editable=”false”/>
C. <input type=”text” readonly=”yes”/>
D. <input type=”text” readonly/>
5. How can you ensure that all necessary fields are populated before a form can be
A. Write a JavaScript function to evaluate all the controls on the form for content.
B. On the server, evaluate all the controls for data and return an error page for
missing content.
C. Add the required attribute on each control so that users get a message that the
field is required.
D. Add a label to the page to let users know which controls they must fill in.
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