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FIGURE 3-9 Adding some radio input types to the form
Like with the checkbox input types, defaulting the state of the radio input to selected is
possible. This is done in exactly the same way, by specifying the checked attribute:
<input type="radio" id="chkFive" name="experience" checked="checked"/> 5 - Very Good
In this case, the rating of 5 - Very Good defaults to selected for the group of radio buttons.
You can have multiple groups of radio buttons on the same page by specifying a different
name for each group of buttons. Another way to provide users with the ability to specify a
single value within a group of values is with the use of the range control.
Using the range input type
Using the range input type enables users to specify a value within a predefined range by
using a slider bar. This type can be used in cases where a wider range of values is required to
choose from but using radio buttons would be too unwieldy. Add another rating question to
the survey, as shown in the following HTML after the radio buttons:
<td>How likely would you recommend the product:
<input type="range" min="1" max="25" value="20"/>
This HTML markup provides users with a slider bar that they can use to specify a value
between 1 and 25. The min attribute specifies the minimum value of the range; the max at-
tribute specifies the maximum value. The value attribute specifies a default value. If you omit
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