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Again, the password text box doesn't look any different than any other text box. However,
typing into the box provides a different experience, as shown in Figure 3-5.
FIGURE 3-5 Replacing password input with the glyph character
The password input type captures information securely. Users typing this information don't
want others who are nearby to be able to see what they've been typing and hence compro-
mise their data.
Using the email input type
You can use the email input type to ensure that the format of the text entered into the text
box matches that of a valid email address. Being able to capture an email address is often im-
portant to enable further follow up with a user. This control helps ensure that the information
entered matches what's expected in the form of an email address.
Validation of the email input type confirms only that the information entered matches the
expected format of a valid email address. It in no way verifies that the email address itself
is a valid mailbox that can receive messages.
The following HTML adds an email address input type to the survey:
Email address:
<input type="email"/>
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