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If you require more flexibility and want to accept partially entered URL information, such
as , don't use the url input box. A regular text input with a pattern specified would
be more appropriate.
Using the password input control
The password input control is the standard method of prompting users for sensitive
information. As you type your password, each character is replaced with a glyph so that any
onlookers can't see your password.
You can't specify default text in a password box or write to it via JavaScript. This is a se-
curity safeguard to help ensure the safety of passwords. However, the browsers provide a
mechanism to store a password should a user choose to have the password remembered
by the browser.
You can add a password text box to the survey to provide a way to retrieve a survey if a
user wants to complete it later. The password could be stored in a server for later retrieval.
The following markup is added to the HTML:
<input type="password"/>
With this HTML added, the survey now appears as shown in Figure 3-4.
FIGURE 3-4 A password input field added to the form
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