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Which of the following is a valid WebSocket instantiation?
A. wsConnection = new WebSocket('');
B. wsConnection = new WebSocket('tcp://',['soap','xmpp']);
C. wsConnection = new WebSocket('wss://',['soap','xmpp']);
D. wsConnection = new WebSocket('',['soap','xmpp']);
Which of the following statements properly handles the reception of data from a
A. wsConnection.onpost = function(msg){..};
B. wsConneciton.onreceive = function(msg){...};
C. wsConnection.onmessage = function(msg){...};
D. wsConnection.ongetdata = function(msg){...};
3. Which list identifies the properties that need to be set up to make an AJAX call?
A. cache , datatype , success
B. url , cache , datatype , success
C. url , datatype , onsuccess
D. url , datatype , oncomplete
Why is wiring up events with jQuery easier?
A. It allows you to assign the event listener to many elements at once via the selector
B. There is no difference wiring up events with jQuery versus addEventListener
C. jQuery works more efficiently in a loop.
jQuery allows both named and anonymous functions to be used as event listeners.
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