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Figure18.Playing the third version of the custom controls application in IE10
There's just one other functionality that we have with the default controls that we don't have
with the custom controls: being able to jump to different parts of the film during playback.
We'll add this functionality with version four of the custom control, discussed in the next sec-
The Custom Control and Seekability
The ability to move through a media resource file during playback is known as seeking. From
earlier tables reflecting the HTMLMediaElement properties and events, we know there is one
property, seeking , which is set to true when the video player is seeking a new playback pos-
ition. Another property, seekable , returns a TimeRanges object with the time ranges the user
agent can seek to. Seeking also triggers an event, seeking , when it is performing the seek op-
eration, and seeked , when the operation is finished.
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