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Figure17.HTML5 video custom control, now with style and progress
Even when the progress element works, its appearance is disappointing. At this time, we
can't really style it. Something simple, such as setting a new width of the element, causes it to
break in Firefox 6. We certainly can't change the fill control.
The browser companies are experimenting with vendor-specific pseudo-elements that allow applica-
tion builders to use CSS to style both the progress element and the HTML5 media element controls.
However, this work is so new, and varies so much among the organizations that we shouldn't expect
to have consistent and standard access to this functionality in the near future.
In addition, the default control for a media element provides feedback on the media resource
loading, as well as the playback. We'd have to add two progress elements if we want to do
the same for our custom control. Either that, or create a custom progress bar, too.
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