HTML and CSS Reference
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<div id="feedback">
<progress id="progressBar" value=0>
<span id="prog"></span>
<div id="controls">
<button id="start">Play</button>
<button id="stop" disabled>Stop</button>
<button id="pause" disabled>Pause</button>
We'll also need to incorporate functionality for the progress element in the JavaScript. In the
previously created setupControl function, we'll need to capture an event ( timeupdate ) on
the video element and assign a function ( reportProgress ) to the event handler:
// setup for video playback
var video = document.getElementById("videoobj");
There are several standard events applicable to the video element, such as the click and on-
mouseover events. However, there are also media element-specific events, such as timeup-
date , and the previously captured play and pause events. I've listed all the media element
events in Table 6 .
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