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Once you have the frame you want in the viewfinder, select the File menu option, then the
Save and Save JPEG menu options, and give the tool a location and file name for the grabbed
frame in the dialog that opens. Avidemux only saves frames as BMP or JPEG, but the JPEG
should be sufficient for a frame that you want to use as a poster image for your video.
Figure1-11.Finding and grabbing a frame to use as a poster image with Avidemux
Once you have your static frame copy, you can then edit it in your favorite image editor, and
add text or other effects. Even though the file is a JPEG, and a lossy compression format,
opening the file once, adding effects, and saving a new copy won't degrade the copy enough
to be noticeable.
There are dozens of tools for every environment for creating, editing, and converting audio,
video, or both. My recommendation is try out several to see which ones work for you. Once
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