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Figure1-10.During the conversion of the Ogg Theora file to MP4 using Handbrake
Using a Frame Grabber
One last tool I used for the topic is a framegrabber. Frame grabbers allow you to traverse
through your video file while the video is running, or frame by frame, or both. You can then
grab a static copy of whatever frame interests you. I used the freely available Avidemux as a
frame grabber (though it does more than just grab frames), to get a static image for the poster
attribute example earlier in the chapter.
You can download Avidemux and access the Wiki documents at .
Once Avidemux is opened, select and open your video file. Unless the frame is close to the be-
ginning of the file, click the play button to run the video to the approximate place in the video
for the frame you're interested in. Stop the video, and then use the frame buttons to move for-
wards or backwards, a frame at a time, to find the frame you want, as shown in Figure 1-11 .
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