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Figure1-9.Loading an Ogg Theora source video file into Handbrake
At this point you can choose a preset in the right column, or you can manually choose your
settings from several different tab pages. For instance, you can set the video resolution (width
and height) and aspect ratio in the first tab page, and in the tab page labeled “Video” you can
pick the framerate and bitrate, as well as selecting the 2 pass encoding option. You can adjust
the audio in the tab page labeled “Audio”, and add subtitles via the tab page labeled “Sub-
titles”. If you want to provide closed captioning within the file, this is where you'll add the
subtitles. You can even choose to “burn in” the subtitles if you want them to be available for
For the sample, I picked the iPhone&iPodTouchpreset. Doing so removed some options,
such as the 2 pass Encoding, which I would normally pick if the preset allows it (or I was
manually setting all of the encoding values). I also checked the WebOptimizedoption, which
means that the video loads progressively (the video can start playing before it's completely
loaded.) Always, always, pick the WebOptimizedoption if the file is meant for HTML5 video
Figure 1-10 shows the front page of Handbrake during the encoding process.
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