HTML and CSS Reference
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The Media Elements in More Detail
After that refreshingly simple jaunt through containers and codecs, we'll return to looking at
the media elements in more detail.
Media Elements and Global Attributes
The audio and video elements both support the same set of global attributes:
A unique, ordered, and space separated (as well as case sensitive) set of tokens that enables
specifically named keyboard key access to the media element.
A set of space separated tokens specifying the various classes the element belongs to.
If true, content can be edited; if false, content cannot be edited.
The id of the context menu associated with the element.
The directionality of the element's text.
Whether the media element can be dragged. If true, the element can be dragged; if false,
the element cannot be dragged.
What happens when an item is dropped on the element.
A boolean attribute that determines if the element is “relevant”. Elements that are hidden
are not rendered.
A unique identifier for the element.
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