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An interesting sidenote about WebM VP8 is the MPEG-LA group's announcement of the forming
of a patentpoolabout the VP8 codec, not long after Google open-sourced the codec. Right after
the MPEG-LA announcement, the US Justice Department opened an investigation into whether the
MPEG-LA's effort violates trust law by attempting to sow uncertainty about WebM and VP8 and thus
harm a potential competitor.
The MPEG-LA announcement of the formation of a patent pool can be read at ht-
tp:// . More on the Justice Department's efforts can be
read in an article at the Guardian, “US Justice Department reportedly investigating MPEG-LA over
VP8 threats”, online at
antitrust-mpeg-la-vp8 .
However, I'm not overly fond of trying to get one page to work in two completely different
environments. Many sites have a mobile only version of the content, usually designated with a
m subdirectory setting (such as ). In the end, it may be simpler just to
provide the separately formatted sites—especially with Content Management Systems (CMS)
that serve all of the contents from a database.
Drupal, the CMS I use, has a custom module named Domain Access (available at
project/domain ) , that allows us to designate a different theme, page and content structure for pages
served up with the msubdomain. Most other CMS tools offer something comparable.
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