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Audio Only or Audio/Video Players
Not wanting to leave audio out of the fun, jPlayer is a jQuery-based audio and video player
with an extremely clean, Apple-like interface. You can find out more about the player at ht-
tp:// .
The Zen audio player is a fork of jPlayer solely for playing audio. It provides a very clean in-
terface, as well as a nice visual effect while the audio resource is playing. You can read more
about and try Zen Player at .
Another library providing a clean cross-browser interface for the HTML5 audio element is
audio.js, available at .
Speakker provides an impressive radio-like display for audio files. It's built on top of jQuery
(something many HTML5 libraries have in common). You don't embed an audio element into
the web page, but instantiate the Speakker control into another HTML element, (most likely
a div element). And you don't point the application at single audio files, but to a PHP page
that provides a JSON-based playlist. The application makes use of Projekktor, discussed in
the prior section.
Check out a demo or download the software, following the detailed installation instructions at .
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