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Figure25.The Menu option for Playr showing the available subtitles
One thing neither Captionator nor Playr handled, at least at the time of writing, was vertical
text. I found the best support for vertical text with the Leanback Player, described in the next
The Leanback Player
The Leanback Player is like Playr, in that it is a player/subtitle renderer, all in one. This pro-
gram is really a set of JavaScript libraries—both for the primary functionality, and individual
language-based libraries.
The Leanback Player assumes that the video element is structured using the Video for Every-
body model, which provides not only sufficient source files for all HTML5 capable browsers,
but also a fallback. You attach separate class names to the video element and to the fallback
I didn't have access to the release candidate code for the latest version of the Leanback Player,
but could check out how it works with an online example at the player's web site. The primary
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