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Figure24.Captionator in action working with Firefox's default controls
Captionator is a work in progress and not all functionality is currently available. However, it
is actively supported and the future plans for the library should make it both useful and fun to
Figures 22 and 23 , shown earlier in the chapter, were both taken while using the next tool I
want to cover: Playr.
Unlike Captionator, Playr is a video player/caption/subtitle support tool, all in one. It's as
simple to use as Captionator—just add the script file and a necessary CSS file to your web
page, and you're ready to go. Example 28 contains a complete web page for playing a We-
bVTT formatted subtitle file with Playr.
Example28.Web page incorporating use of Playr library for caption support
<!DOCTYPE html>
<link rel="stylesheet" href="playr.css" />
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