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▪ < is replaced by &lt;
▪ > is replaced by &gt;
You can also provide a class , and then provide a style setting to change as many properties
of the text as you wish. The syntax for the use of class is the following, where the open c tag
setting provides the class name:
<c.someclass>the text</c>
Note that the closing tag does not repeat the class name.
Example 26 shows the first several subtitle entries in the sintel.vttfile with both cue settings
and use of HTML markup.
Example26.WebVTT subtitle entries with cue settings and HTML markup
00:01:47.250 --> 00:01:50.500 A:end L:50%
This blade has a <i>dark past</i>.
00:01:51.800 --> 00:01:55.800
It has shed much innocent <c.blood>blood</c>.
00:01:58.000 --> 00:02:01.450 A:start L:10%
You're a <b>fool</b> for traveling alone,
so completely unprepared.
00:02:01.750 --> 00:02:04.800
You're lucky your <c.blood>blood's</c>
still flowing.
00:02:05.250 --> 00:02:06.300
<c.grateful>Thank you.</c>
Originally, the first line of an WebVTT file was WEBVTT FILE, but this recently changed to just
WEBVTT. Not all JavaScript libraries support WEBVTT by itself and the specification may end up
supporting both.
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