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00:02:01.750 --> 00:02:04.800
You're lucky your blood's still flowing.
The primary difference between the SRT subtitles shown in the last section and the WebVTT
version is in the timeline. The WebVTT timeline uses a period (.) to separate the milliseconds
from the seconds, while SRT uses a comma (,). Other than the first line and swapping the
commas out, the file works as is, for a WebVTT track file.
Where WebVTT differs significantly from SRT is in the ability to provide cue settings.
Table 10 shows the different cue settings available for use with WebVTT, and how they work.
The cue settings are positioned to the right of the timeline:
00:01:47.250 --> 00:01:50.500 D:vertical
Table10.WebVTT cue settings
Setting Usage
Text direction
Vertical text (vertical going left)
Vertical text (vertical going left)
Line positioning relative to frame
Number is a positive number
Number can be positive or negative
Text positioning
Number is a positive number
Text size
Number is a positive number
Text alignment
At the start
In the middle
At the end
Most of the cue settings are self-explanatory. If you want the text to align at the end and be
positioned in the middle of the video frame, use the following:
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