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The Track Element
Though browsers will eventually provide support for embedded text tracks, HTML5 provides
an additional technique to add text tracks to a media element: the track element. In addition
to zero or more source elements, the HTML5 video and audio elements also support zero or
more track elements.
For this section, I switched from Big Buck Bunny to Sintel, another video from the Blender open
movie project. The reason why is that Sintel has dialog, and the project provides subtitle files in SRT
format in several different languages. Access Sintel videos and SRT files at .
A typical use case for a track element is the following, where a video file has an associated
text track used to provide English captions for the video:
<video controls poster="someposter.jpg">
<source src="videofile.m4v" />
<source src="videofile.webm" />
<track label="English subtitles" kind="captions"
srclang="en" src="" default />
The track element's attributes are:
The track category
The URL for the track source file
The track language
The label to display for the track file in a menu
Used to indicate this track is enabled unless the user signifies a preference for another
track; can only be used on one track element
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