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Table8.MediaController Events
When Invoked
The user agent can resume playing, but enough of the slaved media resources haven't
been downloaded to ensure rendering of resources.
canplaythrough The user agent has fetched enough of all the slaved media resources that it can play
through all the way to the end.
durationchange The duration attribute has been updated.
All slaved media finished playback or no longer a slaved media resource.
Playback in all slaved media sources is finished.
loadedmetadata Signals when metadata in all slaved media resources is loaded.
Signals when data in all slaved media resources is loaded.
When the pause attribute is set to true, and playback has paused.
The slaved media resources are no longer paused and are playing
Triggered when the playback rate is changed for all slaved media resources.
Signals a change in the current playback position.
The volume has changed for all slaved media resources.
Playback has stopped because the next frame in at least one slaved media source is not
available, but the user agent expects it to become available
The MediaController's methods, properties, and events are a subset of those available to
HTMLMediaElement. In particular, notice that there are no seeking events, nor events associ-
ated with the user agent aborting data loading or being stalled.
The events, as well as the additional properties and methods, should still be available on indi-
vidual media resources. To access individual values, focus on the media resource you would
consider the master resource.
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