HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
In addition to sending e-mails, you can also use links to set up documents for downloading. Simply
include the path to the document you want to be available for downloading as the href value, like this:
<a href=”assets/resume.pdf”>My Resume (PDF format)</a>
The browser will attempt to open the linked file and, if it cannot, it offers to download it. You can
use this same technique to create downloadable files for compressed archives, Microsoft Office
documents, or most anything else.
In addition to pre-addressing the e-mail, most systems support specifying the
e-mail's subject line in the mailto: link. The subject line is added as a param-
eter to the link, like this:
<a href=””>
Request Information</a>
The question mark after the e-mail address indicates to the browser that there are
one or more parameters to follow. The keyword subject is the parameter fol-
lowed by an equals sign and the value, which becomes the subject line. When this
example link is clicked, the e-mail subject line will read Information Requested.
The %20 is a URL-friendly way of indicating a space between the words.
Try iT
In this Try It you learn how to style link states.
Lesson requirements
You will need your previously saved file thoreau.html , a text editor, and a web browser.
Open your text editor.
Open the previously saved thoreau.html .
Place your cursor after the closing brace, } , in the p CSS rule and press Enter (Return).
Enter the following code:
a:link, a:visited {
font-weight: bold;
color: #360;
text-decoration: none;
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