HTML and CSS Reference
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particular portions of a site, such as an image. This absolute URL will display the logo for the Mark
of the Joe site:
Because absolute URLs can be quite lengthy and composed of non-word ele-
ments, it's a good idea to copy the URL for the desired location from the
browser and paste it in your code as the href attribute value whenever possible.
By default, links are blue and underlined, as shown in Figure 8-1, though you can't see the color blue
in this figure. Later in this chapter you learn how to take control of link styling.
FiGure 8-1
Targeting Links
The default browser behavior when a link is clicked is to replace the current document on screen
with the destination page. Through the target attribute, you can tell the browser to open the link
in a new window or tab, thus leaving the current page open and available. The target attribute is
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