HTML and CSS Reference
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Try iT
In this Try It you learn how to view and make changes to an HTML page that you have saved on
your own system.
Lesson requirements
You will need the .html file you created in Lesson 2, a text editor and a web browser, such as
Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari.
Open your favorite text editor.
Press the keyboard shortcut for opening a file, Ctrl+O (Command+O).
Locate Lesson 2.html in the displayed dialog box.
Click Open.
Add text to the body of the page between the <p> and </p> tags.
Save your page as Lesson3.html .
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Open the page in a browser to see your changes, which will be similar to those shown in
Figure 3-3.
FiGure 3-3
Please select the video for Lesson 3 on the DVD with the print topic, or watch
online at to see an example of viewing and
changing an HTML page.
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