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FiGure 3-1
If you're an Internet Explorer user, the steps are slightly different:
Choose File Open from the Menu Bar.
When the Open dialog box appears, click Browse.
In the Windows Internet Explorer dialog, navigate to your desired file and click Open.
Starting with Internet Explorer 7, the File menu is hidden by default. To restore
the File menu, choose Tools (located near the upper right of the browser win-
dow) Toolbars Menu Bar.
The keyboard shortcut for displaying the Open dialog box in Internet Explorer is the same as the
one for the Open File command in the previously mentioned browsers — Ctrl+O.
You will practice viewing an HTML page that has been saved on your own system at the end of this
seTTinG a web workFLow
Although viewing an HTML page is very straightforward, the action is one that fits snugly into the
typical web page development workflow. When you're working on your website, you'll find yourself
falling into a general routine:
Write the initial code in a text editor.
Save the page.
View the page in a browser.
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