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When rendered in the page, the text in the new font is like any other in that it can be selected, cop-
ied, and — best of all — searched. As you can see from Figure 28-1, the results can be quite notable
and, with the selected text highlighted, useful.
FiGure 28-1
It's important that whatever fonts you use be licensed for Web use. Licensing has been, for many
years, the big roadblock to better online typography. Luckily, these barriers seem to be falling by
the wayside with a large variety of free or low-cost web fonts becoming available. Some of the best
resources for these fonts include , , an d .
Currently, the best way to get your fonts in all the necessary font formats is a
bit squirrelly — font squirrelly, that is. The site offers (along
with a wide range of fonts, free and otherwise) a @font-face generator that not
only provides all the font formats you need, but the specific code necessary for
implementation. All you need to do is go to
fontface/generator and upload any properly licensed font. Once your pack-
age has been generated, download and include it in your site.
desiGninG For MuLTiPLe screens
The Web is no longer viewable only through a computer screen. Now, all sorts of devices can access
the Web: netbooks, tablets, phones, and even TVs. The range of a display's width goes from a couple
of hundred to many thousands of pixels wide. Moreover, with certain devices like tablets and smart
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