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organization, Xiph, and released into the public domain. For this reason, as well as the solid sound
quality, Ogg Vorbis is supported in many recent browsers — including Firefox, Google Chrome, and
Opera — in their implementation of the new HTML5 <audio> tag discussed later in this lesson.
LinkinG To MP3 FiLes
The absolute simplest way to deliver an MP3 file to a site visitor is to link to it. An MP3 link, when
clicked, opens a new window or tab in the browser and begins playing the associated sound file.
Virtually all browsers have some method of playing MP3 files because of the popularity of the for-
mat, typically by including a plug-in or other helper application during installation.
Here's an example of an MP3 link:
<h1><a href=”../assets/fb_demo_song.mp3”>Play Me!</a></h1>
Unfortunately, there is a price to pay for this simplicity: You have no control over what the user will
see or be able to interact with when the music plays. It could be as elaborate as the floating Windows
Media Player that appears in Internet Explorer 8 as shown in Figure 24-1, or as simple as the audio
controller that shows up in Safari on the Mac (Figure 24-2).
FiGure 24-1
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