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When rendered, the content in the <caption> tag is centered above the table as shown in
Figure 18-1. As you can see, no additional styling is applied, by default. You can, of course, use CSS
to style the caption tag selector however you like.
FiGure 18-1
Although the caption normally appears above the table, you can move it to the
bottom through the CSS property caption-side . CSS3 specifications call for
caption-side to accept top , bottom ,
bottom ,
bottom left , and right values, but almost all
modern browsers (as of this writing) only support top and bottom . The excep-
tion is Firefox, which supports all four caption-side values.
ora T
ora inG deTai
T ai
Ls and suMMary
If the caption is not enough to explain the table, HTML5 provides additional tags that can be used:
<summary> and <details> . These two tags are placed within the <caption> tag and rendered on
the screen in the same position as the caption. Here's an example taken from the W3C HTML5
<strong>Characteristics with positive and negative sides.</strong>
<p>Characteristics are given in the second column, with the
negative side in the left column and the positive side in the right
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