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Note that the set of tags in the first table row are <th>
tags, and the set in the next row (and any succeeding
row) are <td> tags. Browsers typically render table
header content as bold and centered, as shown in
Figure 16-2.
defining a Table Header, body, and
HTML includes a series of tags that allow for a more
structured table with separately identified header, body,
and footer regions. The <thead> , <tbody> , and <tfoot>
tags work with the basic table tags already discussed.
Here's a more extensive example:
FiGure 16-2
You'll notice that the <tfoot> tag appears before
the <tbody> . This is done to allow the browser to
render properly, as shown in Figure 16-3. It's impor-
tant to understand that these three tags — <thead> ,
<tbody> , and <tfoot> — all work in tandem and, if
you use one, you should use all three.
FiGure 16-3
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