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FiGure 15-5
The definition list is most frequently used as a list of name/value pairs. However,
you could easily have multiple <dt> tags or multiple <dd> tags in one grouping.
HTML5 has a <dl> variation intended to represent conversations, whether scripted in a screenplay
or quoted in an instant message exchange: the <dialog> tag. Substitute <dialog> for <dl> when
you want to indicate that a verbal or written exchange is taking place. The <dt> tags are used to
list the individuals and the <dd> tags list what they said. Here's an example taken from the famous
Abbott and Costello routine:
<dd>Well then who's on first?</dd>
<dd>I mean the fellow's name.</dd>
<dd>The guy on first.</dd>
The default browser representation of the <dialog> tag is the same as the <dl> tag, as shown in
Figure 15-6.
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