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inserting unordered Lists
Lists are a common text element on the Web, often used to break up the page and highlight
key points. When the list items do not need to be in any particular order, an unordered list is
unordered list
used. Though the term may not be familiar to you, you'll probably recognize its offline equiva-
lent, the bulleted list.
In this lesson, you learn how to code simple unordered lists, as well as the more complex varia-
tion, nested unordered lists. You also see how to style the list to modify font, size, and color as
well as the type of bullet used.
workinG wiTH buLLeTed iTeMs
In HTML, an unordered list is composed of two tags: <ul> and <li> . The <ul> tag is the
outermost structure that declares the unordered list. Within the <ul> tag, a series of <li> tags
creates the items in the list. Here's a short example of the HTML code for an unordered list:
When rendered in a browser, an unordered list like the preceding example displays each item
with a leading bullet, as shown in Figure 13-1.
FiGure 13-1
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