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FiGure 10-8
One final refinement you can toss into the mix comes with the background-attachment property.
Via background-attachment , you can set the image to scroll with the window (the default behav-
ior) or stay in its original fixed position. The two primary values for background-attachment are
scroll and fixed .
CSS allows you to define these properties separately or as a group under the background property.
For example, this verbose code:
#header {
background-color: black;
background-image: url(“../images/header_bg.png”);
background-repeat: repeat-x;
background-position: left top;
background-attachment: scroll;
could be written much more succinctly:
#header {
background: black url(“..images/header_bg.png”) repeat-x left top scroll;
You can safely mix any number of background properties — you don't have to include them all.
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