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been realized only in the past several years. Many web designers are using the PNG to create gradi-
ents like the one shown in Figure 10-3.
FiGure 10-3
You'll need a graphics program to work with your web graphics, and you have
a great many to choose from. Perhaps the most popular are two from the same
company: Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Fireworks. Both are capable of produc-
ing optimized web graphics and both have their adherents. Photoshop is legend-
ary for photographic manipulation and Fireworks excels at combining vector
and bit-mapped graphics.
inserTinG ForeGround iMaGes
As noted earlier, every image used on an HTML page is a separate file. To incorporate these files
into your source code, you use the <img> tag:
<img src=”images/logo.gif” width=”400” height=”175” alt=”MyCompany logo” />
The <img> tag is a single or empty HTML tag, which means no closing tag is required. The primary
attribute of an <img> tag is src , short for source. The src value contains the path to the desired
graphic file. As with links, the path can be either relative to the current page, like the preceding
example, or absolute, like this one: .
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