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To help web designers adhere to web standards, the W3C — the consortium that developed the rec-
ommended HTML syntax — sponsors a free validation service. You can find the markup validation
service used with HTML pages at .
As with the CSS validator, covered in Lesson 5, you can use the markup validator in three ways:
Enter a full web address of a complete HTML page on the By URI tab.
By file upload:
Click the Browse button to select an HTML page stored on your computer or
computer network.
By direct input:
Paste a copied HTML page into the text area to validate it.
In addition to the default settings, you can define several user-selectable parameters by clicking
More Options. All but one of the options are available with any of the three methods just described.
Table 9-1 describes each of the options shown in Figure 9-1.
FiGure 9-1
Once you click Check to run the validator, any noted errors will be displayed. If your code is error free,
you'll have the opportunity to put the W3C validation icon on your page through the supplied code.
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